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The 16th edition of the Teratec Forum will be held on June 22, 23 and 242021 in full digital

Supercomputers, the new European El Dorado?


They have become essential elements of our modern economies. Thanks to their phenomenal computing power, supercomputers are able to select the most effective molecules against Covid-19, to cut the time it takes to build a car by three, or even to predict natural disasters.

Their construction is the subject of a global superpower race, dominated by the United States, Japan and China. The European Union wants to catch up. To do this, it plans to invest 8 billion euros in the new generation of supercomputers. A challenge.

SME, are you ready to lift your business to Industry 4.0 ? Participate in the open call !

This call for proposals targets the highest quality experiments involving innovative, agile SMEs and with work plans built around innovation targets arising from the use of advanced HPC services. Proposals are sought that address business challenges from European SMEs from varied application domains, but preference being given to engineering and manufacturing, or sectors able to demonstrate fast economic growth or particular economic impact for Europe.

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EUROCC: National Competence Centers on HPC / HPDA / IA Technologies

Within the EuroCC project under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (H2020), 36 participating countries are tasked with establishing a single National Competence Centre (NCC) in the area of high-performance computing (HPC) in their respective countries. These NCCs will coordinate activities in all HPC related fields at the national level and serve as a contact point for customers from industry, science, (future) HPC experts, and the general public alike. The EuroCC project is funded 50 percent through H2020 (EuroHPC Joint Undertaking [JU]) and 50 percent through national funding programs within the partner countries. Teratec is the coordinator of the French Competence Center in association with CERFACS and with the participation of GENCI.

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Develop innovation and business opportunities of SMEs by using HPC

Teratec is a partner of the european initiative FF4EuroHPC that aims to facilitate access to high performance computing for european SMEs and increase the innovation capacities of european industry by creating a portfolio of business applications, called "experiments" meeting the needs of SMEs, by supporting the commitments of HPC Competence Centers to SMEs, by assisting participating SMEs in the implementation of innovation related to their business application, by facilitating the expansion of the industrial community of users and service providers around HPC. In order to achieve these objectives, FF4EuroHPC has launched an "Open Call" to collect "experiments" in order to select the most innovative business applications. This call targets consortia bringing around an SME, HPC players (SIVs, HPC service providers, computation centers, etc.). Selected experiments will be funded up to 200k€.

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The European Centre of Excellence for engineering applications

Excellerat brings together the European expertise needed to create a Center of Excellence in industrial engineering with a wide range of services, paving the way towards the exascale, as part of the HPC strategy driven by EuroHPC. To this end, Excellerat, which started in December 2018 for a period of 36 months, relies on six benchmark applications: Nek5000, Alya, AVBP, TPLS, FEniCS and Coda. These codes used in the industry are promising candidates for execution on exascal demonstrators, pre-exascal systems, as well as exascal machines.

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The Teratec association welcomes two new members

Teratec's General Meeting of March 25, 2021, unanimously voted for the membership of two new companies.

Complete list of the TERATEC members  

Covid-19: Teratec members mobilize to overcome the crisis

Facing the global Covid-19 Pandemic and the economic crisis affecting most sectors, many companies, members of Teratec, are engaging to propose initiatives with innovative, practical and operational solutions to better manage the crisis situation.

Tech Against COVID: Rescale and Microsoft Azure donate supercomputing resources to help researchers combat global pandemic

Inria - L’équipe-projet StopCovid démarre la publication du code source et de la documentation de l’application

Extra measures and help for your DCV and/or EnginFrame needs

HPC Researchers Battle Against COVID-19 on Jean Zay Supercomputer

Atos mobilizes technological expertise to fight Covid-19

Mobilisation of the Joliot-Curie supercomputer in the fight against COVID-19

Numerical simulation, a key allied to battle COVID: social distance, masks, ventilators, vaccine, all turn to numerical models

Un accès gratuit de 90 jours à la suite logicielle Parabricks pour l'accélération des analyses génomiques GATK4 sur GPU, dès lors qu'il s'agit de recherche sur le coronavirus

AWS and Rescale partner to ensure business continuity during these troubled times

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Support for companies

Support measures and useful contacts to support companies impacted by the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Faced with the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic, the authorities have put in place immediate support measures for businesses.

Government support measures and contacts

Bpifrance's emergency support plan

The Île-de-France Region emergency plan

DIRECCTE intervenes its economic continuity unit

The CCI Essonne sets up an emergency unit for companies

An essential factor in corporate competitiveness

High Performance Simulation is both an essential factor in corporate competitiveness and an absolutely vital tool for major scientific challenges. Thus it enables experts to design products more rapidly which are better suited to customers’ requirements and furthermore to analyse and understand complex phenomena.

Promoting High Performance Simulation is, therefore, a priority both for the industrial world as well as for the academic community and provides also an opportunity for IT specialized companies.

With this objective in mind major players in these different fields have created the Ter@tec association together with local authorities keen to develop technological activities in their territory. Read more



Teratec Forum 2020
A 100% digital edition

On October 13 and 14, 2020, the Teratec Forum brought together more than 1,200 professionals around digital development in Europe

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Thierry Breton, Commissaire européen (See the video) Florence Parly, Ministre des Armées (See the video)

The morning of October 13 was devoted to the Plenary Session and the Round Table in which French and European political figures and senior industrial officials involved either as developers of technologies or as major users will intervene.

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Report Plenary session

Six thematic workshops made it possible to take stock of the latest technological advances concerning the Digital Twin in medicine, quantum computing, satellite data and the environment, AI and scientific computing, Cloud computing and HPC or Exascale.

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More than sixty companies and innovative projects presented their latest results and were able to interact with participants during business meetings.

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Coordination and Support Action (CSA) CASTIEL

The Coordination and Support Action (CSA) CASTIEL leads cross-European networking activities between National Competence Centres (NCCs) in HPC-related topics addressed through the EuroCC project. CASTIEL emphasises training, industrial interaction and cooperation, business development, raising awareness of high-performance computing (HPC)-related technologies and expertise. As a hub for information exchange and training, CASTIEL promotes networking among NCCs and strengthens idea exchange by developing best practices.

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The European Centre of Excellence Performance Optimisation and Productivity

POP-2 brings together the best European experts in the performance analysis of parallel codes and offers free services for developers, users, code sellers and suppliers of HPC infrastructures at European level. This program cuts across all areas of activity and offers performance analysis services, PoCs to improve code performance, as well as training programs to master performance analysis tools and good practices in parallel programming for better efficiency of high performance calculations.

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27 November 2020 - Webinar : PyPOP - an interactive tool for performance assessment


Concerted action for the European HPC CoEs

FocusCoE is a coordination and support action for the Horizon 2020 program, which aims to enable the 10 Centers of Excellence, funded by Horizon 2020, to pool certain actions to develop applications that effectively use the next exascale HPC systems. FocusCoE coordinates interactions with the HPC ecosystem, organizes some joint activities, shares best practices and provides support services to CoEs to promote their services and skills.

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6th Trophies for Simulation and AI 2020

The Simulation and AI 2020 Trophies, organized with L’Usine Digitale, rewarded innovative projects or companies that have carried out an outstanding operation in the field of simulation, HPC, Big Data or AI.

The winners are:

Startup Trophy: Numalis
SME Trophy: Tweag.
Co-design Trophy: Cerfacs, Akira and Safran
COVID-19 Trophy - Ex-aequo: Dassault Systemes and ESI Group
For Innovation Trophy: CosmoTech and Renault
The Public Grand Prize: Cortexia

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29th General Assembly of Teratec

More than 70 people were present on February 27, 2020 in the CEA TGCC amphitheater for the 29th Teratec General Assembly.

This 1st General Assembly of the year made it possible to take stock of the past year and to draw up the perspectives for the year which begins. in charge for monitoring works on HPC and Quantum computing, among other responsibilities, at the Directorate General for Enterprises of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, spoke at the opening of this GA. A point was made on this occasion on the actions carried out by the public authorities at national and European level.

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Teratec Training Workshops

Animated by TERATEC members, these training workshops aimed to present their latest hardware, software or services innovations, to give concrete examples of their use in an industrial context and to guide participants in their learning.

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"Les Clés du Futur" White Paper

The "Les Clés du Futur" White Paper (Unlocking the Future), published to mark Teratec's 10th anniversary, presents the major directions in which technology in this sector is moving, describing new and conventional uses, as well as the related current and future challenges.

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13,000 square meters of offices in the first European Technopole dedicated to Simulation and High Performance Computing

Enter the core of innovation with TERATEC Campus
The purpose of the TERATEC Campus is to give professionals from the field of numerical simulation and high performance computing a dynamic and welcoming environment at the crossroads of innovation, based on three major areas: system architecture and performance, software development and services provision..

A customized offer thanks to an incubator and business hotel
At the heart of the TERATEC Campus, the Chamber of Trade and Industry of the region of Essonne accommodates you in a space of over 1,500 square meters, providing small, fitted office areas ranging from 15 to 280 square meters in size, including quality services and customized support to meet your development needs, whether you are a small or a large company. .


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