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Jeronimo MUNOZ
Business Developpement Manager
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Since more than 20 years, NEWNET develops a business approach for vertical markets.

Expert in the storage domain for very high-performance storage, Newnet remain loyal to his customers interests and is respected by his partners / suppliers for its professionalism.

Newnet defines scopes " risks and potential ", hardware and/or software by developing a healthy strategy which takes into account current and future needs.
Newnet knows the importance of the stakes bound to a project, which he operates on the basis of a real transparency and of a mutual trust.

We search and estimate permanently, innovative technology solutions, far from the sellers of material or traditional solutions and we put forward a real added value of advice in any independence towards the manufacturers and the software editors.

Newnet perpetuates the investments of his customers by assisting, advising and by assuring them of an unwavering support.


For many years now, Newnet has been supporting companies in the media sector in the field of high performance storage.

The technologies used in the Media are notably transcoding and rendering farm for VFX postproduction and animation.
With the evolution of 2K, 4K, 8K, video frame rate and animation resolutions, performances and life cycle demands are getting closer to the storage and computing needs of the HPC world.

Newnet takes advantage of its position to bring, through TERATEC, its experience of the high performance with a vertical offer currently emerging in the traditional HPC but used in applications '' HPC '' Media that can sometimes be more demanding in term performance


In 2018, Newnet choosen to partner with Quobyte the most efficient parallel File System, delivering performance and scalability today’s HPC workloads require.

June 2018, Quobyte to be Implemented by the Science and Technology Facilities Council to Manage JASMIN Super-Data-Cluster Facility’s 42PB of Storage


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