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TERATEC Forum 2019
June 11 & 12, 2019 - Digital Simulation Awards

For its fifth consecutive year, in partnering with L’Usine Digitale, Teratec is organizing the Digital Simulation Awards taking

HPC, numerical simulation, Big Data and artificial intelligence are technology critical and a driving force for innovation applied to all sectors of the industry. Technical know-how and competences of national players are now highly praised and recognized for their extended use and application well beyond borders. This event at the heart of digital innovation has revealed and rewarded the champions of simulation and digital technologies for both large groups and SMEs with the award of five trophies.

Five trophies were awarded by a jury of top professionals to reward the winners at the Forum TERATEC June 11, 2019.

Start-up Award:

Given to a company set up less than 5 years ago that has demonstrated outstanding innovation in intensive computing, numerical simulation and Big Data or, artificial intelligence.

SME Award:

Given to an SME user who has effectively implemented numerical computing technology (simulation, data analysis, big data) and changed how it develops, produces and maintains its new products and services or anticipates their entire life cycle.

Innovation Award:

Given to an innovative product, piece of technology or service in the field of numerical simulation or data analysis developed by a technology company.

Collaboration Award (Large company - SME):

Given to a pair (or group) – a big company and an SME – that has collaborated on a numerical computing and/or big data project, whether at the R&D or implementation stage.

Grand Prix du public :

Awarded to one of the nominees, whatever the category, by a vote of the readers of L'Usine Digitale on


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Digital Simulation Awards 2018
June 19, 2018 - Teratec Forum 2018
  • Grand prix du Public : MECASTYLE
  • Start-up Award : URBAN & YOU
  • SME Award : MASA GROUP
  • Innovation Award : SOPRA STERIA GROUP
  • Collaboration Award : SAFRAN TECH and its partners INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest, CORIA UMR6614 CNRS Université de Rouen et INSA Rouen

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Partners of the 2018 Digital Simulation Awards

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Digital Simulation Awards 2017
June 27, 2017 - Teratec Forum 2017
  • Grand prix 2017 : DIOTA
  • Start-up Award : STRAINS
  • SME Award : COSMO TECH
  • Innovation Award : QUANTMETRY
  • Collaboration Award : TRANSVALOR

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Partners of the 2017 Digital Simulation Awards :

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Digital Simulation Awards 2016
June 28, 2016 - Teratec Forum 2016
  • Personnalité 2016, Jean GONNORD, ex-responsable du programme simulation numérique du CEA "
  • Grand prix 2016 : DIOTA
  • Start-up Award : REALIZ3D
  • SME Award : NEXIO
  • Innovation Award : NUMTECH
  • Collaboration Award : ONERA et ANDHEO

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Partners of the 2016 Digital Simulation Awards :

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Digital Simulation Awards 2015
June 23, 2015 - Teratec Forum 2015
  • Grand prix 2015 : DISTENE
  • Start-up Award : CYBELETECH
  • Innovation Award : HYDROCEAN
  • Collaboration Award : CERFACS et TURBOMECA

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Partners of the 2015 Digital Simulation Awards :

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