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OPTIS simulation and visualization solutions enable industrials to review and revise designs collaboratively, locally and remotely

OPTIS simulation solutions, being fully physics-based, will show you how attractive your design will look avoiding unwanted visible defects. OPTIS solutions are used for upfront decision making, saving money by avoiding costly mistakes later in the design process.

OPTIS is a world-leading simulation and advanced visualization company in virtual reality (VR).

OPTIS solutions enhance the accuracy & REALISM of 3D virtual prototyping with the physics based simulation of light, material, human vision & ergonomics.

OPTIS solutions help businesses and people to optimize perceived quality, ergonomics, visual signature of their future product.

OPTIS solutions offer the chance to really understand physical data, to interact with it and to foster communication between designers, manufacturers, trainers, marketers and senior management.

Since integrating its solutions in SolidWorks in 2001, CATIA V5 in 2002 and Pro/ENGINEER in 2008, OPTIS is still the only company to provide a light simulation solution fully based on a physical model inside a CAD/CAM software.

OPTIS has delivered more than 8 100 licenses to 2 500 customers in 50 countries worldwide. Users include most of the major automotive, aerospace, electronics, white goods and lighting manufacturers, as well as architects, universities, research laboratories and defence agencies. They use the OPTIS technology to design, simulate and visualize in a Virtual Reality environment, products as diverse as automotive lighting, mobile phone screens and keypads, dashboard and cockpit displays, LCDs, LEDs, luminaires, military detection systems and optics for industrial vision, defence and medical applications.

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