FFplus: Launch of the FFplus Calls for Projects

FFplus (successor to the Fortissimo projects) is a European initiative highlighting the adoption of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) by SMEs and startups across Europe, showcasing the business benefits and impacts of adopting HPC and AI in real business models.
During the project's duration, SMEs and startups will be supported by six open calls to fund experiments (type 1) and innovation studies (type 2).

More information can be found at the link: https://www.ffplus-project.eu

Submission deadline: September 4, 2024, at 5:00 PM (Brussels time).

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5 septembre 2024 - New TQCI Seminar on the industrialization and deployment of quantum computing technologies: how to scale up?

Join us for the 10th TQCI seminar, organized in collaboration with IBM France, devoted to the various issues involved in industrializing and deploying quantum computing.

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Pack Quantique Île-de-France : Lancement du Projet AQADOC !

Un nouveau projet accompagné par la Région Ile-de-France et ses partenaires pour fédérer l'écosystème quantique français et accompagner le passage à l'échelle du calcul quantique autour de la parallélisation d'algorithmes.

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Teratec 2024 Forum
The meeting place for high-power digital experts

For its 19th edition, the Teratec Forum is offering an annual program of themed digital mornings before and after an exhibition and face-to-face conferences on May 29 and 30, 2024 at the Parc Floral de Paris.

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April 25, 2024 - Digital Morning
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins: undeniable assets for resilient, sustainable cities

A 2-hour TV program to discover the digital technological challenges and innovative solutions deployed in cities and metropolises to help them meet the challenges of climate change, accelerate their energy and ecological transitions, and improve their residents' quality of life.

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BACQ - Application-oriented Benchmarks for Quantum Computing

Delivering an application-oriented benchmark suite for objective multi-criteria evaluation of quantum computing performance, a key to industrial uses

With the support of the national program on measurements, standards, and evaluation of quantum technologies MetriQs-France, a part of the French national quantum strategy, the BACQ project is dedicated to applicationoriented benchmarks for quantum computing.
The consortium gathering THALES, EVIDEN, an Atos business, CEA, CNRS, TERATEC, and LNE aims at establishing performance evaluation criteria of reference, meaningful for industry users.

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AI & HPC are revolutionizing insurance and finance

November 9, 2023 - 100% Digital Morning
2 hours of television broadcast to demonstrate the contribution of high-powered digital technology to the finance and insurance sectors.

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The Teratec association welcomes four new members

Teratec's General Meeting of September, 2023, unanimously voted for the membership of three new companies. We welcome them !

Cornelis OVHCloud
Quandela Welinq

Complete list of the TERATEC members  

11 May 2023 - TQCI seminar dedicated to quantum benchmarking initiatives

Interview with Alain Aspect, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics, as part of the Teratec 2023 Forum.

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11 May 2023 - TQCI seminar
dedicated to quantum benchmarking initiatives

May 11, 2023 - Thales, Palaiseau
This 7th TQCI seminar, organised jointly with Teratec, Thales and LNE, had taken stock of the various benchmarking initiatives in France and around the world and the different challenges they face.

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The CC-FR Competence Center led by Teratec has deployed its Marketplace dedicated to simulation, HPC, HPDA, AI and Quantum technologies.
It allows industrial and academic technology providers to reference their service offers, training, events and job offers.
Users can perform multi-criteria searches in order to find a solution adapted to their needs.

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3 new Quantum Packs IdF Region

Teratec is proud to support two of the new Quantum Packs voted by the IdF Region

The IDF Region is funding 3 Quantum start-ups, Alice & Bob, PASQAL and Quandela, which will work on use cases provided by aerospace and defense industries: Airbus, MBDA and NAVAL GROUP as well as leading academic players: ONERA - The French Aerospace Lab and Inria

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EUROCC: National Competence Centers on HPC / HPDA / IA Technologies

Within the EuroCC project under the European Union's Horizon 2020 (H2020), 36 participating countries are tasked with establishing a single National Competence Centre (NCC) in the area of high-performance computing (HPC) in their respective countries. These NCCs will coordinate activities in all HPC related fields at the national level and serve as a contact point for customers from industry, science, (future) HPC experts, and the general public alike. The EuroCC project is funded 50 percent through H2020 (EuroHPC Joint Undertaking [JU]) and 50 percent through national funding programs within the partner countries. Teratec is the coordinator of the French Competence Center in association with CERFACS and with the participation of GENCI.

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FocusCoE : Concerted action for the European HPC CoEs

FocusCoE is a coordination and support action for the Horizon 2020 program, which aims to enable the 10 Centers of Excellence, funded by Horizon 2020, to pool certain actions to develop applications that effectively use the next exascale HPC systems. FocusCoE coordinates interactions with the HPC ecosystem, organizes some joint activities, shares best practices and provides support services to CoEs to promote their services and skills.

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POP-3 : Performance Optimisation and Productivity - A Centre of Excellence in HPC

Teratec is a partner in the European POP3 (Performance Optimisation and Productivity) project as part of Horizon Europe, the ninth framework program following Horizon 2020 and supported by EUROHPC-JU. This center of excellence brings together the best HPC experts at the European level, providing free analysis and optimization services for high-performance computing applications developed and/or used by businesses, academics, and research centers across Europe.
For Teratec, this project offers an additional opportunity to support its members, as well as all European organizations (industries, research centers, laboratories), by enabling them to optimize their applications to increase efficiency, which generally leads to a significant return on investment.
By way of illustration, POP has already achieved remarkable goals, and here are some "Success Stories":

• Performance analysis by POP experts improved the performance of a CFD application by up to six times.

• Thanks to the efforts of POP experts, the execution speed of a magnetic materials study code was increased by 46%.

• The intervention of POP experts reduced the execution time of parallel simulations of astrophysical fluid dynamics code by 40%.

To apply, please visit: https://pop-coe.eu/request-service-form

For more information, please contact: saber.zribi@teratec.eu

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13/14 novembre 2024 - New TQCI Seminar - Interested in future possibilities in Quantum Computing and Quantum Sensing ?

Recent progresses related to the hardware part of Quantum Computers (QC) allows to think that if the Quantum Winter shows, it won't be only due to the hardware. 
During the two days of the conference, we'll show what remains to scale the algorithms and the integration of QPUs.

  1. November 13th will be dedicated to Quantum Computing 
  1. November 14th, we'll take a deep dive on Quantum Sensing :

Organized in partnership with EDF, this seminar will take place at EDF Lab Paris-Saclay.

More information and registration here

4&5 June 2024 - 2nd TQCI International Seminar on Benchmarks for Quantum Computers


New edition of the TQCI seminar dedicated to the state of progress of various benchmarking initiatives for quantum computers.

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CASTIEL-2: 8th "Code of the month" : FALL3D and OpenPDAC by CHEESE CoE


The codes FALL3D and OpenPDAC are able to simulate different phenomena associated with explosive volcanic eruptions. FALL3D models atmospheric consequences of volcano outbreaks including the dispersal and sedimentation of particles and ashes. After the outbreak of Cumbre Vieja in autumn 2021, CoE ChEESE's related urgent computing services have been used to advise the local authorities of La Palma e.g. on rerouting flights or issuing warnings or confinements for the population. OpenPDAC simulates phenomena (pyroclastic flows, ballistic ejecta) associated with phreatic explosions and occurring at a local scale. These kind of eruptions represent an important hazard, as testified by the recent events at Ontake (Japan) and White Island (new Zealand), and in the framework of the ChEEse project the code OpenPDAC will be used for a first assessment of hazard from phreatic explosion at Vulcano island (Italy).

Wednesday, May 29th at 11am-12 CEST

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CASTIEL-2 :Seventh "Code of the month" : GROMACS by BioExcel


GROMACS is a molecular simulation suite with tens of thousands of users worldwide in both academia and industry.
Biomedical applications (biomolecules) are likely the most common, but use of GROMACS is far from limited to that.
It is also popular in other areas that require atomistic simulations such as polymer physics and (nano)flow

13/03 from 11:00 to 12:00 CET


Hackathon HPC
Industrial code optimization
from January 22 to January 29, 2024


Students, come and face in an industrial context the challenge of porting and optimizing an Open Source code on an Arm/Aws architecture.


The extraordinary contribution of digital technology to healthcare

September 28, 2023 - 100% Digital Morning
This thematic morning of the Teratec Forum aims to show how high-powered digital technology can significantly transform the health sector by improving the quality of care, facilitating the management of medical information and accelerating the progress of medical research.

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Teratec 2023 Forum
The meeting place for high-power digital experts

May 31 and June 1, 2023 at the Parc Floral de Paris

The European meeting for Experts in High Power Digital Simulation . HPC/HPDA . Artificial Intelligence . Quantum Computing

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The contribution of HPC to the energy sector

April 20, 2023 - 100% Digital Morning
This thematic digital morning of the Teratec Forum aims to demonstrate that HPC technology has its part to play in helping its stakeholders meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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The Teratec association welcomes four new members

Teratec's General Meeting of March, 2023, unanimously voted for the membership of three new companies. We welcome them !

Complete list of the TERATEC members  

35th General Assembly of Teratec
March 9, 2023 - TGCC of CEA

The Assembly voted on Teratec's activity and financial reports for the year 2022 and confirmed the membership of four new members. Teratec's prospects for 2023 were also discussed, with a focus on European projects, the development of quantum activities, particularly TQCI, and the current evolution of the Teratec Forum.

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TERATEC interviewed for the EXCELLERAT project!

In an interview about Horizon Results Booster's support to European projects, our Project Manager Samir Ben Chaabane presented the European Centre of Excellence in Engineering (EXCELLERAT) and its aim to bring together a broad range of services, tools and expertise to support industrial users, technology providers, academics, developers and engineers. This project benefited from HRB's support in analysing key exploitable results and offering context for improving them!

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CASTIEL : Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

The Coordination and Support Action (CSA) CASTIEL leads cross-European networking activities between National Competence Centres (NCCs) in HPC-related topics addressed through the EuroCC project. CASTIEL emphasises training, industrial interaction and cooperation, business development, raising awareness of high-performance computing (HPC)-related technologies and expertise. As a hub for information exchange and training, CASTIEL promotes networking among NCCs and strengthens idea exchange by developing best practices.

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POP-2 : European Centre of Excellence Performance Optimisation and Productivity

POP-2 brings together the best European experts in the performance analysis of parallel codes and offers free services for developers, users, code sellers and suppliers of HPC infrastructures at European level. This program cuts across all areas of activity and offers performance analysis services, PoCs to improve code performance, as well as training programs to master performance analysis tools and good practices in parallel programming for better efficiency of high performance calculations.

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Campus Teratec: European Technopole dedicated to Simulation and HPC/HPDA


Enter the core of innovation with Teratec Campus
The purpose of the Teratec Campus is to give professionals from the field of numerical simulation and high performance computing a dynamic and welcoming environment at the crossroads of innovation, based on three major areas: system architecture and performance, software development and services provision..


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