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Ecole Centrale Paris

Grande Voie des Vignes

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Professor, Applied Mathematics and Systems


Simulations pour la conception de système d’air conditionné en cabine avion

Comparaison de techniques sur des images cérébrales

Calcul parallèle de grands modèles acoustiques du bruit à Tokyo

Ecole Centrale de Paris

Applied Mathematics and Systems (MAS)

Research areas
Created in the early ‘00s, the MAS Lab regroups research activities in Mathematics and Computer Science within the Ecole Centrale Paris. Focused on digital technologies, its thematics deal with modelling, simulation, analysis, optimization and visualization of complex systems, wherever they come from, industry, life sciences, markets, or information and networks:

  • Simulation, optimization and visualization of complex systems
  • Plant-growth modelling (INRIA team/project Digiplant)
  • High Performance Scientific Computing
  • Formal Computing and Knowledge modelling
  • Business intelligence (SAP-Business Objects grant)
  • Medical imaging and Computer vision (INRIA team/project Galen)
  • Quantitative Finance and Econophysics (BNP Paribas grant)
  • Stochastic Modelling and Uncertainties (INRIA team/project Regularity)
  • Bio-mathematics

Applications domains
Industry (aeronautics, energy, transportation) ; environment (plants, hydrology, landscapes, acoustics, noise pollution) ; health (medical imaging, molecular biology, genomics, epidemiology) ; markets and enterprises (finance, business intelligence) ; information and networks (internet, multimedia, knowledge management); art and architecture (colorimetry, software architecture reconstruction and virtual reality)

Examples :

Scientific Engineering and Visualization
Participation in the big multi-disciplinary project CSDL (Complex System Design Lab) of the SYSTEMATIC organization. The MAS Lab is in charge of coordinating various approaches for modelling, deterministics or stochastic simulations, and advanced visualization techniques for efficient exploring of wide design space exploration.

Data processing – Data and Images
Important projects deal here with several domains: the development of mathematical models that enable exploitation and interpretation of biological and medical data, highly innovative econophysics techniques dealing with high-frequency financial data, fine-grained modelling of stochastic regularity, and development of models taking in account uncertainties, in close collaboration with INRIA and Supelec.

Information Systems Architecture
Because of the very rapid technological improvements and progresses in the software domain, information systems have highly evolved, not only in terms of architecture, but also in terms of operating modes. This thematic deals with new cluster-based or cloud-based computing architectures. In particular, the MAS Lab is conducting researches on parallel HPC architectures (like for instance within the Open GPU project).


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