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INTEL France

2 avenue de Paris
92196 Meudon Cedex


Contacts :

HPC Manager France
Tel.: +33 (0)6 07 89 41 01

Sylvain SAUTY
Public Sector Technical Manager
Tel.: +33 (0)6 21 60 69 23


INTEL Corporation

Since its founding in 1968, Intel Corporation has grown into the world’s largest semiconductor company (based on revenue). The company employs nearly 80.000 people across more than 50 countries.

Intel’s products and technologies are at the heart of computing solutions that have become essential parts of businesses, homes and schools around the world; and are being used to tackle some of the world’s most complex problems – in areas that include education, healthcare, economic development, and environmental sustainability. The company’s products include microprocessors, chipsets and other semiconductor products that are integral to computers, servers, note- and netbooks, as well as consumer electronics, handheld devices and connected “embedded” products becoming part of cars, shopping kiosks and bank ATMs


Intel’s focus in not solely on the products it delivers. From primary schools to leading universities, Intel is committed to improving the quality of education around the world. Over the past decade alone Intel has invested over USD 1 billion and Intel employees have donated over 2.5 million hours toward improving education in more than 50 countries.

Intel is headquartered in Santa Clara, California (USA). Additional information about the company is available at blogs.intel.com. 

New high performance computing (HPC) solutions from Intel deliver intelligent performance to meet today's most complex HPC challenges, while scaling for tomorrow's growing computational and visualization needs.

Link to Intel software tools : www.intel.com/software/tools

Link to Intel Cluster Ready : www.intel.com//cluster. It is the Intel-led Linux cluster architecture for HPC, providing a common target for ISVs and end users.


INTEL found in Teratec a diverse community of scientific computing and simulation involving academic research, government agencies, large industrial users, public and solution providers. Teratec offers very good opportunities to develop joint actions in France and to Europe and to work collaboratively on research. Intel wants to bring his knowledge of computing environments, its software expertise, their research topics to consolidate the achievements of Teratec

Exascale Computing Research lab

The Exascale Computing Research lab is now in full operation, with a staff of over 30, and is focusing on the software part of the exascale challenge.  Set up by CEA, GENCI, Intel and UVSQ, this lab has two main research directions:

  • Application enabling co-design
  • Software Tools for Application Characterization and Performance Optimization

More details on : www.teratec.eu
Contact: info@exascale-computing.eu
Web: www.exascale-computing.eu
Location:  45 Boulevard des Etats Unis. 78 000 Versailles (France)


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