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Industrial Research

Teratec helps set up and promote French and European research projects by industrial companies, technology suppliers, and major research centers via R&D programs in France (competitiveness clusters including ADVANCITY, CAP DIGITAL, MEDICEN, SYSTEMATIC PARIS-REGION and VEGEPOLYS - AGENCE NATIONALE DE LA RECHERCHE) and Europe (PCRD, ITEA2).

On going project

CHORUS : Common Horizon of Open Research in Uncertainty for Simulation

COLOC : The COncurrency and LOcality Challenge

DATASCALE : Big Data solutions in High Performance Computing

ICOS  : Imagerie médicale 3D haute définition

MECASIF : Modèles réduits pour la Conception Amont de Systèmes Industriels Fiables

MONT-BLANC : European Approach Towards Energy Efficient High Performance

POP: Performance Optimization and Productivity

SIMILAN : SIMulation & Implementation high performance fitted to digitaL signAl processing

SMART AGRICULTURE SYSTEM  : Conception et développement d’un système de prévision de rendement et d’aide à la décision par modélisation dynamique au niveau parcellaire

TERRA X projet  : Développement d'un ensemble complet d'outils de représentation et de simulations numériques des territoires urbains.

TerriS@nté : Le numérique au service de la santé en métropole du Grand Paris

Completed Project

ACDC : Adaptive Content Delivery Cluster

 ACTIVOPT : Optimization and robust design are now growing concerns in the industry. For many years, the research has focused on design optimization. Some bricks of software are resulting fruit of this research and are already used in some companies.

AGREGATION : Contrôle commande sûr pour les moyens d’essais

AIRCITY : 3D simulation of air quality in the city with 3m resolution

CALLISTO : Simulation Architecturale Réaliste Immersive

 CAMPAS :The objective of the CaMPaS project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a multi-cycle Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) of the reactive flow inside a complete multicylinder internal combustion engine using the AVBP CFD code on a massively parallel..

CARRIOCAS : CARRIOCAS project studied and deployed an ultra high bit rate optical network (up to 40 Gb/s per channel) able to answer the industrial needs in terms of interactive numerical simulations on remote supercomputers ......

CHAPI : Calcul embarqué Hautes performances pour les Applications Industrielles, petites & moyennes séries

COLLAVIZ : The Collaviz program is an innovative multidomain remote collaborative platform for the simulation-based design applications. In partnership with 28 French and international partners, Collaviz will bring to the scientific and industrial community ...

COOL-IT : Energy optimization of Data Centers

CSDL : The CSDL project (Complex Systems Design Lab) aims at developping a comprehensive colloborative environment for decision making at the earliest stage of a project. At this stage that simulation tools...

EHPOC : High Performance Environment for Optimization and Design

H4H : Optimise HPC Applications on Heterogeneous Architectures

H4H PERFCLOUD  : Performance pour le Cloud

ILMAB : Infrastructure Logicielle pour la Modélisation et l’Analyse des Bâtiments

LABS : Lattice Boltzmann Solver

MANYCORELABS : Solutions génériques pour le développement d’applications sur des multi/manycore

MIEL : MIxed ELement - 3D Meshe

MUSICAS : Méthodologie unifiée pour la simulation de l'intégrité et de la contrôlabilité des assemblages soudés

OASIS : Optimization of Addendum Surfaces In Stamping

OMD2: Distributed Multi-disciplinary Optimization

OPEN GPU : Graphics Processing Units are becoming a more and more promising solution to address the growing need in computing power associated with new industrial conception methods and numerical simulation. Nowadays GPU are mostly proprietary, ...

 OPEN HPC :  Simulation and High Performance Computing are a strategic stake for the competitiveness. Both for Industry and Research one of the key elements of the HPC chain is application software. It has to be accessible to all the actors of the market ...

 OPSIM : OPtimisation de SIMulations pour la conception

OPTIDIS: Optimisation d'un code de dynamique des dislocations

 OPUS : Optimization and robust design are now growing concerns in the industry.

 PARMAT : The european project PERFECT has developed a computation chain for the simulation of the ageing under neutronic irradiation of the alloys (steel mainly) involved in materials of the nuclear reactors. This chain is made of seven codes,...

 PARMA : Parallel Programming for Multi-core Architectures

POPS : Design and develop data processing systems suited to the largest spectrum of High Performance Computing applications, targeting the Petaflops range. Anticipate the programming tools and features needed to obtain efficient applications.....

RICHELIEU: Accelerate science-oriented programming languages

TIMCO : Technologie pour « in-memory computing »


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